Symbols for AAC software and the classroom

What you see is what you want

What a childsees in his or her environment becomes the basis of their relatingto
the world. When a child is impaired in expressing what theysee or want in that world, we as caregivers should do all we canto make our intensions clear and understandable to that child.Natural, everyday scenes are what the child sees so why confusethem with symbols that require a more complex understandingto interpret.

Think of it; when you see a stylized symbol your mind hasto make complex analogies from your experiences to interpretits meaning. Many impaired children do not have those relatedexperiences to fall back on. That is why the Aurora Symbols™we use in Avatalker™AAC are illustrated to depict natural sceneswhenever possible to relate the meaning of a word.Of course, the more abstract the meaning of a particularword, the more difficult it is to visualize. That is why a caregiver’sinvolvement is imperative in the initial phases of learning to useany AAC device or application.

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